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Blast Rooms

Pre-Engineered Blast Rooms (PEB)

For many applications, your best buy is a complete, self-assembled, Pre-Engineered system. These enclosures feature #14 gauge bolt-together wall/ceiling panels. With all components (Booth Ventilation, Pneumatic Blast and Reclaim Systems) engineered and built to work together, we provide balanced systems with no compatibility problems.

Packaged Rooms 

Pre-Package blast rooms are available with many options in a variety of enclosure sizes. These enclosures feature #10 gauge wall/ceiling panels with fully welded construction. Package rooms can be installed quickly. They are normally up and running within a day.

Engineered Field-Erected Blast Rooms 

Empire offers a variety of reclaim floor designs and room configurations which allow us to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety and environmental concerns of each customer.

Blast Room Facilities

Packaged Pre-assembled Blast Rooms

Field-Erected Blast Rooms

Pneumatic Recovery Systems

Numerous Recovery Floor Designs

Work-piece Handling Options