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Friess Equipment has been supplying abrasive blast cleaning equipment and technology to industry since 1963.  Located in Akron, Ohio, USA, our company was founded to be a source in providing custom designed mold cleaning systems to the rubber and tire industry.   Since our inception, Friess Equipment has become a major supplier to these industries throughout the world.  

Over these many years, we have expanded our coverage and equipment expertise to include the aerospace, foundry, chemical, food, pulp & paper, printing, automotive, wood products,  electronics, and numerous other manufacturing industries. 

Today, our mission is to supply industry with the latest state-of-the-art cleaning and finishing systems that are custom-designed to meet specific processing requirements.  We look forward to the challenge of developing equipment designs and technology to tackle the most difficult cleaning and finishing applications needs.  

Blasting Cabinets

Pressure & Suction Cabinets

Modified Cabinets

ProFormer Cabinets

Plastic Media Systems

Basket Blasters

Rubber Mold Cleaning Equipment

Tire Molds

Rubber Molds

Compression Molds

Injection Molds

Manual & Automatic Systems

CO2 Mold Cleaning Systems

CO² (dry ice) Blasting Equipment

Pellet & Block Blasting Systems


Nozzle & Hoses

In-Place Cleaning

Custom Blasting System

Batch & Automated Systems

Indexing Turntables

Automated Shot-Peening

Rotary-Head Systems

In-Line Conveyor Systems

Multi-Nozzle Systems

Blast Room Facilities

Packaged Blast Rooms

Field-Erected Blast Rooms

Pre-Engineered Blast Rooms

Numerous Recovery Floors

Robotic Blast Systems

Custom Systems

Peening Systems

Indexing Turntable Systems

Blasting Equipment Spare Parts

Nozzles & Couplings

Filters & Dust Bags

Valves & Regulators

Air & Blast Hose 

Couplings & Fittings

Aqueous Parts Washer

Batch Washers

Flow-Through Washers

Tumble Washers

Rotary Washers

Cleaning Detergents

In-Line Blast Systems

Flat Belt

Split Belt

Roller Type

Horizontal Pinch Belt

Vertical Pinch Belt